About Us


Understanding the impact mental health struggles have on people’s lives is an essential factor to help them recover from the illness. We’ve been there. Thus, my experiences led me to create new lives for you. It’s a solution grounded in empathy: meeting people when they are in moments of need and surrounding them with tools and strategies that move them towards a better version of themselves.

Hi, I’m Lorna Forbes, originally from Jamaica, West Indies, currently residing in an area near Syracuse.

After receiving my Associate’s Degree in Nursing in 1989, I proceeded to work at Passaic Community General Hospital on the Telemetry Floor. While working at Passaic Community General Hospital, I attended Seton Hall University and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Science and my Registered Nurse Degree in 12/1993.

On July 9, 1994, I got married and then moved to Syracuse, NY, where my husband was employed at Syracuse Community Health Center as an OB/Gyn Physician. I received my Family Nurse Practitioner grade from SUNY Upstate Medical University, School of Nursing, in 2010. I later received my Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner Degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University in 2018. I am Board Certified in both Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


Currently, I am practicing in Child, and Adult Psychiatry at Oswego Hospital in New York as a Family Nurse practitioner doing House Calls with United Healthcare.

My husband taught me countless good things in life. He was the best husband and father in the universe. He taught me to find happiness in little things, thank God for everything he has blessed us with, and not dwell on all the” supposed things” that I don’t have. I am currently a single parent to four beautiful girls and enjoy taking care of them.

It has always been my dream to have my own practice, and I am grateful to God that it is finally happening.

My personal philosophy in life is to put God first, be thankful for all that I have, always be kind to others even if it is seen as a weakness, and practice empathy. I look at my struggles as a way for self-improvement and strive to help others. I wish to serve as the light to all who cross my path.

For my patients, I desire to travel with them on their journey as they navigate their way through life. I am focused on using my talent and gift to help people discover their way to self-fulfillment and peace.